The EWT is an association created by adventurers for adventurers. It focuses on three distinct points:


Each project undertaken by the association is communicated live to allow learning more about the places explored, often desolate and little known to the general public.


The organized expeditions all go through places far removed from typical maps, to keep this spirit of wonder that Mother Nature inspires in us on her places devoid of Humanity.


We travel in small groups while reducing our CO2 emissions as much as possible to attract attention and raise awareness of the effects of humans on our ecosystems. 


The EWT team is made up of three members always looking for challenges and adventures:

Tristan marek


Student in aeronautics. Never put on a sweater in his life. Half man, half bike, he mainly takes care of the route of the expeditions and the technical aspect of the equipment. The Mechanic of the association!

Gabriel Robin

As manager

Engineer student in agronomy. Has a constant need for sunscreen to survive. Doesn't like the cold but loves challenges. He manages all the comm 'around current projects. The Community Manager of the association!

Luca Patanella


Student in aeronautics. Half pizza half camembert, he cannot live without a good gourmet dish every week. Always on the lookout for new cultural discoveries, he brings ideas to life. The Creative of the association. !


We are currently in the process of seeking funding! Indeed our expeditions require a lot of material. You can therefore contact us at any time using the “Contact” tab in the menu and find out a little about our adventures in the “Adventures” tab. Don't hesitate to take a look!

We did a first interview for our expedition on RadioCampus. You can listen to the replay just below!

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